Complaints Handling

Gomeroi Education and Training are committed to providing a fair and transparent complaint handling process. You can find our full complaints handling procedure below.

If you wish to submit a complaint, please use the button below to download the form. Once completed, please email the form to:

Shaun Allan
Chief Executive Officer

Complaints Form

Complaints Handling Procedure

  1. A complaint may be received in any form (written or verbal) although persons seeking to make a complaint are recommended to complete the complaint form which is available to them on the website. There is no time limitation on a person who is seeking to make a complaint
  2. The complainant must be provided a written acknowledgement as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours, from the time the complaint is received using the written acknowledgement email template. The acknowledgement must inform the complainant that they will receive a written response within 14 days and explain the complaints handling process and the person’s rights and obligations
  3. The complaint must be entered into the complaints and appeals register. The complaints and appeals register identifies the complainant, relation with GET, nature of complaint, findings/outcomes, any links with the Continuous Improvement report and the dates received & closed. Prior to entering the complaint form into the register, check if the person has not already submitted a complaint, if it is accurately recorded or if it has been recorded as a subsequent contact
  4. The complaint is forwarded to the Gomeroi Education and Training – Chief Executive Officer for review. The Chief Executive Officer will determine if the complaint requires further investigation or consultation
  5. Where a complaint is made about or involves allegations about another person, Gomeroi Education and Training is obliged to inform this person about this complaint or allegation and provide them the opportunity to respond and present information in response to the issues raised
  6. Where a complaint is received which involve allegations about alleged criminal conduct, Gomeroi Education and Training are to recommend the person making the complaint refer the matter to the relevant State or Territory Police Service
  7. The CEO reviews the outcomes of the investigation/consultation and determines the complaint response within an acceptable timeframe. The complaints response letter template can be used to identify the findings and outcomes to the complainant
  8. Gomeroi Education and Training shall maintain the enrolment of the complainant during the complaint handling process
  9. Decisions or outcomes of the complaint handling process that find in favour of the learner shall be implemented immediately
  10. The complainant is entitled to be heard with access to all relevant information and with the right of reply ensuring natural justice and procedural fairness is applied at every stage of the complaint process
  11. Gomeroi Education and Training must request written acknowledgement from the complainant once the complaint has been resolved
  12. Complaint handling procedures should conclude with an analysis of the circumstances to identify any opportunities for improvement
  13. The complaint must be accurately updated and recorded in the Complaints Register